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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 228: Operational Report: 22/07/42

The Truant comes under attack off Java, but escapes with no harm.

We then get reports of another battleship in the region heading towards Port Moresby, and the Banshee's are sent out.

What the fuck is that?!

How the hell could the Japanese have built something that big without us knowing about it? How could intelligence miss the fact that there is a floating fortress out there?

The only upside is that our two dive bombers managed to get a bomb each into that monstrosity, and report her on fire. Although how a skilled pilot could have missed something that size is something we can only wonder.

At Lunga, we begin to reduce the Japanese forces there, breaking through their fortifications with little losses, and causing much disruption.

More raids on our supply lines, but no lost planes this time.

They try again later, but only manage to hit the runway.

They try to hammer Smithforce once more, but this time, we have a squadron of planes in the air, and we make them pay for it.

Our B17s on Canton island make their first attack today, attacking Japanese troops on Baker Island without loss.

At Henyang, we break the 104th Division today, sending them fleeing back south. They will now be pursued and these troops will soon begin to march towards Hong Kong.

And boy do they need the help.

The arrival of the Yamato is a shock, in real life, the Allies had little idea that she existed, but then again, they didn't see her until much later in the war. It seems that the AI is planning to use her a little more offensively.

This could make the whole region very interesting. I wasn't kidding when I said the region was heating up. It remains to be seen what damage the two bombs we got into her did.

In other news, the Wasp and Long Island have both been refuelled, and all the carriers are now returning to Pearl Harbour. We dodged a bullet here, but that could have been very embarrassing for me.

You may now commence you discussion on how much of a threat the Yamato actually was. I personally will be cowering under my blankie and sucking my thumb.