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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 229: Operational Report: 23/07/42

Another Japanese sub attacks, this one with extreme violence against an undefended freighter.

We continue to see more attacks on our supply line bases.

In another surface attack, the Salmon uses up all her deck gun ammunition on a light freighter near Wake.

At the Marianas islands, the Tautog puts a live fish into the side of another Japanese ship.

The I-6 gets the closest to Port Moresby I ever wan them to get.

A small patrol boat is quickly sunk by the two torpedoes.

Off Java, the Traunt is detected by Japanese destroyers, but quickly escapes.

We get another sighting of the monstrous Yamato, she's still apparently aflame, and now the Illustrious and Formidable are almost in striking range.

We do well at Lunga, causing some heavy losses on the Japanese defenders.

Another pointless enemy attack near Canton is driven back with heavy losses.

I also notice that we now have troops in Kwangchowan, having been marching south for a long time.
The battle for Hong Kong continues along.

That was a major day for the submarines, and we still have a chance to take out the Yamato. Tomorrow is going to be a very tense day.

The Japanese seem to have come out ahead from the submarine day, but we may have more ships appearing over the next few days as the damaged ships sink.

I sort out the route for the British carriers, trying maximize range for the fighters, while minimizing the chance of actually running into 18 inch guns.

At Nachning, I see we now outnumber the Japanese, so have ordered a deliberate attack, to try out luck. Where the other Japanese forces have gone I can only speculate, but towards Shanghai is a good guess.
In any rate, I estimate 30,000 soldiers have gone missing in the last few days, something I'm guessing the Japanese were hoping I'd not notice.

I also start loading troops for Lunga from Suva. They may not be needed, but they can use it as a jump point for further invasions north.