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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 230: Operational Report: 24/07/42

The enemy raid our supply lines once more, but this time, we manage to get a single Hurricane into the air. This plane immediately goes into action amongst the massed enemy planes.

A second wave meets two planes, and loses another plane.

I moved these planes to the area ages ago, and this is the first time we've seen them in the air, but their making up for it now.
The Japanese planes also try to bomb Smithforce once more, but we get a good number of planes up, and they prevent them from causing any damage, and claim another three planes.

The Yamato seems to be holding station off Port Moresby. Is this the start of a blockade?

We manage to get another bomb into her deck armour, but there is no real reports of damage from the ship. They also report that the enemy seem to have gotten the fires under control.

We also see planes from both the Akagi, the Shoho and the Hiyo today bombing the remains of Denpasar.

At Lunga, we reduce the enemy forces by nearly a third.

The Narwarl has another dud torpedo today.

Another bloody day at Sinyang, but the Japanese take the brunt of the losses, as normal.

We lose a base in the north, as the Japanese super stack of 50,000 men attacks there.

Our assault of Kiukiang does show reduced enemy numbers, but the high level of forts causes serious losses to our forces.

Its time to rest them up again.
We do take Kwangchowan without a fight, opening up the chance to move more troops up to the area around Canton.

Hong Kong continues on as it always has.

Another hit on the Yamato, but there is no engagement from the carriers, as she did not move off back towards Rabaul as I expected, I redirect the carriers back towards Port Moresby.
We had a good day in the air, taking out 13 planes today.