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War in the Pacific

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Part 232: Operational Report: 26/07/42

The carrier planes take to the air, the find a Cruiser in the area, but fail to get any hits on her in the first raid.

But a later massed raid managed to catch them properly, and both the crusiers spotted take a torpedo each.

These are older types cruisers, but those hits are going to further strain the enemies repair facilities.

We also see a pointless level bomber raid on one of the enemy base at the tip of the peninsular.

We see a very good day at Lunga, as the enemy forces collapse.

Once more, we kill more men than were apparently defending, but don't conquer the island. This must mean there were other units not on the front line who were rushed into the defence.

Our attack in Burma goes well, and the enemy take three times the losses that we do, tomorrow, I'll order a shock attack to see how effective that would be.

We hit the Imperial 104th Division hard today, taking out two thirds of their numbers.

Note those are all destroyed squads. That means that the 104th has just ceased to be a working combat unit.

Here's your daily combat report from Hong Kong, now that the 104th is shattered, we can send the troops that fought them south to take the city back.

Not much air combat, but everything today was pure excellence. Tow damaged cruisers and thousands of dead, wounded or captured Japanese soldiers in the three main fronts.

It seems that we did conquer Lunga, we just didn't get a message about it. And there is another cruiser squadron heading south, so I'm sending the British carriers back home, hopefully they can strike at those ships as they head past.

Things are starting to get interesting. I would like to know where the Yamato has gone.