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Part 233: Operational Report: 27/07/42

Another submarine attack near Cylon. This one misses its target destroyer, and then is set upon by the task force.

On the route from Capetown, another of their subs gets luckier with a transport ship.

The bombing raids continue as normal.

North of Akyab, we continue to punish the Japanese defenders in a large scale battle. If we continue this rate of attacks, we should be marching south soon enough.

The Japanese cruisers we bombed yesterday did not head for home, in fact, they came looking for revenge.

We come off better in the invasion, although a hit to the Java sets her alight, we get four hits on the Kako.

A later strike on the escorting destroyers miss the smaller ship.

They may be able to flee the guns of our protecting cruisers, but they can't flee our planes as quickly.

It seems to be the Kako's day to get hit. But she's not the Yamato I get the feeling the Japanese are sacrificing these ships to stop me getting their flagship.

The Trusty makes an attack on a Japanese destroyer, but misses.

Somebody had to mention it, didn't they. For months Denpasar has been inside enemy territory without seeing any chance of invasion. Today, that changes.

I want the Yamato! Not a couple of ageing cruisers. Everything else is going our way at this time. The American carriers are now back at Pearl, and have a week of repairs from stressing their engines and running out of fuel, but nothing major.

As soon as they are done, I'm going to order the invasion of Tarawa. Repeated recon flights give us 6,500 defenders and 13 fighters and 55 bombers. The entire carrier wing should be able to neutralize these, but its going to be risky.

But then, what in war isn't?