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Part 234: Operational Report: 28/07/42

Japanese subs continue to hunt in the Indian sea. This time, our ship is the one who gets lucky.

But that's not the same story for the Jalajaran.

The Japanese are even using their midget submarines to hunt this convoy.

Deep inside Burma, our remaining cut off troops are pushed out of the base they have been holding on to.

There will be no Smithforce style rescue for these men, they will have to wait for our men to fight their way south.

And that may take a while.

While our carriers have been screwing around with a couple of cruisers for the last few days, the now three planes of Port Moersby continue to be the bane of the Yamato, once more getting three solid hits on her. least three of her guns are knocked out in this raid, reducing her combat ability, and leaving her once more on fire.

Although this may have been a good time to move our carriers out of the area, as the Japanese have moved their in.

The Ryujo is a lighter carrier, and this could be the force seen around Midway a few weeks ago.

After a day off, the Japanese throw a couple of thousand men away at Sinyang.

The grind at King Kong continues. Once more, these men will need to rest for a time, but that shouldn't cause to many problems.

Another good day, three more bombs into the Yamato. A quick look at the pilot list for the Dive bombers shows us that our brave pilots (the ones in green meaning they have recent experience) are Porter, Hubble and Billings.

The presence of Carriers means I've had to reroute the troops heading to Lunga back to Suva. Once home, I'll start them planning for a fresh assault. Although I'm not sure where of.