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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 236: Operational Report: 30/07/42

The Haddock makes an attack on a Japanese subhunter, but suffers a dud torpedo. She then successfully evades the depth charges sent after her.

We have a lucky escape as a Japanese sub is driven off by the destroyers protecting the troop ship returning from the aborted trip to Guadalcanal.

Our first sub off the coast of Japan for a while uses up more of our dud torpedoes.

Sinyang sees another day of fighting, but that is something to be expected.

At Shaohing, the Tax Police continue to lose men in attacks that will make any taxpayer happy.

The Port Moresby Banshee's continue to harass the Yamato.

Another couple of bombs increase the repair bill, and she seems to be on fire.

We also continue to keep tabs on the Akagi.

As well as the position of the Ryujo.

We finally lose Denpasar without a fight today. Apparently all the defenders have disappeared at some point.

Dam the Yamato! I want that ship at the bottom of the ocean.
That said, there is little else today, there are two days until the Wasp is repaired.

The 4th Fleet is planning to attack Port Moresby is it. Bring it on, the waiting is starting to annoy me.