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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 238: Operational Report: 01/08/42

The day starts with a massed raid on Chittagong, where a supply convoy has just pulled into port.

Its inevitable that the bombers get through, and soon the ships in the harbour are taking damage.

The afternoon attack goes after our assault force, a single plane takes to the air to stop them.

He has a good day. There are more planes in the air when the Sally's arrive, and although they hit their targets, they lose more planes.

Our B17's on Canton island make their second attack on Baker island, and report causing some damage.

The Banshee's can find the Yamato today, so settle on putting two more bombs into the dies of the Kako.

The tax men get gunned down again today, you'd think that the Japanese high command are trying to get rid of them to improve the post war Japan or something.

The Shanghi bound force once more force back the enemy with heavy losses, or own troops are mostly disabled losses. The remains of the enemy force flees towards Nanking.

The Hong Kong reconquest force also takes another chunk out of the 104th Division on their way south.

While the Hong Kong force itself continues to keep the enemy in check.

Lots of air and ground activity today, with an unfortunate number of lost ships. I order the Chinese forces to advance forward once more.

The invasion force for Port Moresby is finally on its way. Lets hope they arrive soon, so I can get on with my own offensive.