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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 24: Operational Report: 30/12/41

After numerous failed assaults earlier in the week and thousands of casualties, the enemy decide they need a large scale bombing raid to soften up the defenders of Wenchow.

It seems to work, as the stunned defenders are unable to stop the next Japanese attack.

Our favourite Dutch sub is back. Getting two hits on another ship off Vietnam.

Although the captain later runs into trouble near Borneo, he reports no hits, but many near misses.

The defenders of Singapore have a poor day today, losing two planes without getting a kill themselves.

We also misjudge the enemy carrier's movements, as the swing south to launch a raid on Marajam. But the poor weather seems to stop them spotting Task Force Z, and the flotilla does not come under attack.

The enemy continue to advance overland towards Singapore. We have nothing that can stop them now, bar the defenders of the city itself, the units in front of the city are just buying us town to dig in.

The defenders of Luzon have a good day in the air today, taking out three planes for no loss during the first wave.

The second wave has no fighter support, and another two Sallys are shot down.

In Clark field, our troops are bombarded by the Japanese with about 100 casualties reported.

Another small island is taken today. There's so many of them, I can't even remember all their names.

I would be lying if I said that this was the cataclysmic day I expected, the enemy moved off before Task Force Z could reach them.

We didn't lose a ship, claimed another kill, and shot down five planes for every one we lost ourselves. That can be claimed to be fairly successful.
We also have our first double ace – Grace claimed his 8th kill today.

More enemy troop locations are reported by Intelligence.

I order Task Force Z out on another attempt to intercept the enemy tonight, they must be running low on supplies by now, if we can get the drop on them, then we could win an important battle.

The defences around Port Moresby are starting to look respectable.

With three dive bomber squadrons and four scout plane units, as well as a total of 16,000 troops defending it, we should be able to put up a good defence – now all I need are some fighters to defend the runways for the bombing campaign that will surely come.

I've ordered some planes from America to move here for support, we need a CAP, and this is the only way I can see to get one, barring sending out my Daughters.
I also go and visit our newest ace, Grace in his squadron.

I'm going to transfer him to training command, as the pilots we're getting now need some training from someone who has actually seen combat.

As you can see, there is a vast difference in the experience of most of our replacements, so anything I can do to improve this will be useful.