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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 240: Operational Report: 03/08/42

Off the coast of Japan, we continue to see failed submarine attacks. But I'll let them off, after getting the Ise yesterday.

The men to the north of Anking continue to engage the Japanese there.

We see a deep range probe by our aircraft. There is not damage to either side, but its odd to see our planes this deep into Burma.

There is also a raid by four Warhawks over Akyab. They run into an entire wing of Nates.

Somehow, the pilots not only survive, but bring down two of their opponents in the resulting combat.

The Japanese send some Sallys to raid our front lines, but they only succeed in losing a plane.

The men on the ground start their attack proper, and the Japanese 25th Division is soon retreating south, almost half of their numbers being left on the battlefield. The Burma offensive is finally on the move!

So we're now advancing in Burma as well as China, things are finally starting to move forward.

We also claim the Kiso today, adding another cruiser to the list.