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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 241: Operational Report: 04/08/42

The Halibut[/b] makes an attack on a Japanese landing boat (I assume) with its deck mounted machine gun.

The Fulmars make a run on Mandalay, but turn back when they see some enemy fighters.

While our P40's make another raid on the Nates of Akyab.

How these guys are managing to take these planes out is beyond me, they have the hight advantage, and the Warhawks are making the most of it.

Another futile attack on Sinyang. By now both sides are to involved in this battle to be able to back down. There are no front lines, and the fighting is amongst the ruins.

Still no sign of the [i]Yamato
. I think that we've lost her. That's a pain, but at least we've caused enough damage to take her out of action for a couple of months.

The invasion of Tarawa is on hold, as I'm moving enough ships to carry them back from Pearl – I've been moving as many men to Hawaii as possible, and have misstimed the trips. Its no big deal, as the men can spend the time planning for the assault.