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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 242: Operational Report: 05/08/42

The Haddock makes another pass at the landing craft.

A Japanese sub attacks one of our ships moving back from the disastrous supply run. For some reason they choose to use their AA gun.

Is seems that I've let the British carriers stray to far north in their hunt for the Yamato, and they come under attack by planes based out of Rabaul.

A combination of good fighters and heavy flack quickly downs several of the attackers, and the ships take no damage.

Our planes then go out and make a strike on Rabaul. They meet heavy enemy CAP, but manage to break through.

They go for the primary target, the damaged Yamato.

A torpedo enters the side of the battleship, adding more time to the repairs.

We see another attack in the afternoon, but the CAP protects the carriers from harm.

We see another useless raid on Buna, which does nothing but look good in the papers. Luckily, the Banshee pilots know what their doing, and take out a Patrol boat.

We see some combat in the air over China, and we even get some kills!

After this excitement, we get back to normal, and the failure of Japanese attacks.

And our own slow, grinding assaults.

The loss of several planes to the Japanese is made up by that torpedo hit, while I didn't get any more damage reports on the Yamato, she's going to feel that one. Also the number of planes lost on both sides was actually fairly even.

Although, this does mean that the carriers now need to return to Sydney for replacement planes.

Wave two on Eniwetock is being set up.
I've also decided to set the new invasion target for the Fijian forces.

Its close, and worth 450 points to the Japanese, and I want it back.