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by Grey Hunter

Part 243: Operational Report: 06/08/42

More dud torpedoes and subs diving deep to avoid depth charges.

There is no avoiding the bombs of the Port Moresby Banshee's however.

Even if they have to come back to the target later in the day.

Another Japanese raid in the east of India – this one is targeting our fighter screen, and it quite effective.

While we continue to raid Akyab, our more modern planes take their toll on the enemies obsolete fighters.

Yes, I am calling Fulmars modern. They do better than the Warhawks in their attack.

The enemy use more Betty's to try and disrupt our advancing troops.

We score big with the second wave however.

I'm all for taking down ship killing Bettys in any number.

More combat at Sinyang, today as most days.

Our forces arrive in Nanking, and begin to batter their way through the enemy defences there.

We are advancing well, and starting to win the air war in Burma. The carriers have got out scot free, and we've hit some more Japanese ships, so this was a good day all around.