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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 244: Operational Report: 07/08/42

Eniwetok comes under attack much quicker than I expected, as another task force arrives at the island.

the defensive guns open up, and we get some good hits on the Mine clearer the Japanese are using to support the attack.

Are they that short on warships that they are using these to support their invasions?

Their landing losses continue throughout the day, not as heavy this time, but still a steady loss of assault troops.
The Marine defenders of the Island are well entrenched and ready for this attack, and the enemy are cut down in droves.

We see more Japanese planes over Chungking, and once more our Vanguards bring down several enemy planes.

At Tiayuan, The Japanese launch a brutal attack with ninety thousand soldiers.

Thousands die or or wounded, but we come off much the worse – as most of the Japanese losses are disabled rather than destroyed, as our own troops are.

Our own troops strip another layer of fortifications from Nanking.

To the north of Anking, we deal more damage to the Japanese forces threatening the city.

The 104th Division is hammered once more on route to Hong Kong. I'm tempted to redirect this Force to Canton after retaking Hong Kong.

The Akyab raids continue to bear fruit.

Not as fruitful as yesterday, but then again, the weak and the foolish must be culled from the heard of Japanese fighters by now.

The Japanese's bombing raids on our infantry continue, but we continue to minimize our losses while taking our more and more of their planes.

Near where our carriers were yesterday the Japanese own ships arrive, they have to reduce themselves to bombing the island.

Eniwetok holds once more, and another Japanese force is annihilated by these brave cut off soldiers.
China when bloody today, but it was mainly in our favour, if not in numbers then in the number of battles that went our way.