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Part 245: Operational Report: 08/08/42

More troops unloading onto Enitwetok Mr Tojo? Are you sure that that's wise?

I mean, its not like the entire landing party is going to surrender as soon as they hit the beach is it? Oh they have? That's not surprising.

A freighter gets lucky as all six torpedoes the Japanese sub launches at it miss.

Once more the Chines pilots take down some planes attempting to bomb Chungking. I'm going to have to look for these guys on the aces list soon.

Here are the latest casualty figures from Sinyang, which continues to be a drain on Japanese resources and manpower.

At Nanking, we blast our way through the remaining defences, and are now ready to take the city tomorrow.

Our Fulmars make a raid on enemy planes once more, but they decided to flee.

While the Warhawks come out one for one over Akyab.

The Hurricanes meanwhile continue to protect our advancing ground forces.

In the afternoon, The Fulmars and Warhawks bring down another Betty bomber.

Another good day, no real losses on our side, and we continue to bleed the enemy. But apart from that, I'm still waiting on ships to arrive at Pearl Harbour.