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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 246: Operational Report: 09/08/42

One of our subs comes under attack today, but makes it out with no problems. That one hit is only a close one.

The daily Chungking Betty shoot takes place, and we get more kills.

The enemy formation keeps getting smaller and smaller.

Its Sinyang, you know the score.
Nanking, on the other hand, is news.

With five hundred squads destroyed and a huge number of guns and vehicles lost, I'm only going to leave a few thousand men to defend the city. The Japanese forces here are going to be out of action for a while.

At Hong Kong, I settle for maintaining the status quo.

At Akyab, the Japanese get the height advantage to add to their numerical superiority, and we come out even in today's raid.

The Warhawks however, come in much higher, and then get the drop on the Japanese.

The Japanese have advanced their 25th Division to stop our advancing forces, this turns out to be a big mistake, as our boys are ready for a fight, and are advancing south like a streamroller.

Crunch, That's three thousand less Japanese to worry about.

Nanking is ours! The march to the capital continues! We also gave the Japanese in Burma a bloody nose, so I've really enjoyed today. I leave a garrison of 7,000 men in the city (1 corps) and set the rest to continue their advance on Shanghai.
We also get a new toy today.

Another escort carrier, overloaded with planes, but more Dive bombers or fighters will always be useful, I'll decided which to keep on-board once they reach Pearl Harbour.