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Part 248: Operational Report: 11/08/42

There are more raids on our supply lines today, but little damage done.

The Japanese are spreading their old bombers around a fair bit, maybe because of the number of Betty's they have lost in the last week.

The Fulmars take their daily toll from the planes over Akyab.

As do the Warhawks.

I get a shock from Sinyang as the Japanese manage to achieve parity in losses today!

The Japanese launch a counter attack at Nanking, they have scraped together three temporary divisions for the attack.

Unfortunately for them, the main force has not yet marched south, and we break the attack apart with much vigour.

Another quiet day, the loading of the Buna attack force is nearly complete, and some more ships have arrived at Pearl Harbour, so the Tarawa attack will soon be under way. But for now, its just planning and holding.