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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 249: Operational Report: 12/08/42

There are more raids on our India to China supply line.

While our Fulmars go deep once more, with mixed results.

While the P40's remain over Akyab, with better but still less than stellar results.

Others continue to protect our advancing troops. And continue to cause damage to the enemy.

We may have finally found the bloody Port Moresby invasion force. Well, when I say we, I mean the Banshees.

In the south, near Chuhsien, we hold off a Japanese assault, causing some nice losses amongst the enemy.

We continue to hold our ground near Shaohing, but are not going to be strong enough to advance on our own for a while yet. At least with the drive on Shanghai, there will be no support on its way.

Anking continues to be defended, and we are slowly whittling down the attackers. By attacking them no less.

We also continue our advance on Hong Kong, its looking like Canton may well be on the way to the port, so I may kill two birds with one stone.

We're advancing on most fronts in China, the enemy are checked in the remaining areas. The air war over Burma is going steadily. I'm now moving the 67th south to see if I can swing it firmly in our direction. Their being joined by a new Hurricane squadron, the 79th, and another new squadron is guarding the capital.