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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 25: Operational Report: 31/12/41

Once more the Australian coast is the hunting ground of a Japanese sub.

The KXVI gets another hit on a troop transport, as Captain Jarman continues his reign of terror around Borneo.

This man is proving himself one of the heroes of the Dutch fleet.

Singapore gets another wave of attacks, but the defending planes are not able to stop the sinking of one ship in the harbour.

Later waves continue to hit multiple ships in the harbour, it seems that the once impenetrable air defence over the city has failed now. Its though nearly two hundred planes flew over the city today as the enemy step up their air attacks.

Port Moresby comes under attack by Betty's armed with torpedoes today. There is only one ship hit, but it means we must move the defending cruisers out or risk them getting sunk there.

Rangoon is now getting bombed regularly again, this time with fighter support for the attacking bombers.

The Runway takes some hits and we lose one of the defending Buffalo's. It seems like the free ride these older planes had has run out.

The enemy make an assault on out defenders in Chenchow, but the men there are ready for such an attack, and outnumbering the enemy nearly four to one, they manage to kill or capture most of the enemy soldiers.

A few more disasters like this, and we can really get the ball rolling.

After continued fighting in the air, with a few kills on both sides and the bases around Manilla continuing to take a pounding, the enemy take the city of Cotabota.

The enemy land troops on Canton Island and quickly overwhelm the defenders there.

Air losses were fairly even, we lost a few ships at Singapore, but the Japanese army losses are what interest me – they've gone from 91 to 134 – that's a 40% increase in one day! The defenders of Chenchow should be congratulated.

Once more we have many reports of enemy movements, but nothing helpful.

The defenders of Chengchow are now pushing on neighbouring Kaifeng.
I'm also sending in more reinforcements for the attackers of Wuchang, they are facing 2 enemy units, but we have no information beyond that.

It seems that the CAP in Singapore suffered as one of the squadrons was set to fully rest, rather than supporting the air, the 16 planes have been ordered back into the air, so tomorrow should see an improvement in the battle for the sky's.

Task Force Z is still trying to hunt down the enemy carriers who are moving off towards New Guinea.

Everywhere else needs little adjustment.