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Part 250: Operational Report: 13/08/42

Our invasion force has not gotten 200 miles from Sydney before the destroyers detect a submarine in the area. They spring into action and make a string of successful attacks.

Could this be our first ASW kill of the war?

Another Japanese sub attacks one of our troop transports off Canada. There are no destroyers protecting this one, so the ship quickly goes to the bottom.

In a busy day for the Japanese Submarines, we lose a tanker near Pearl Harbour.

While our own Grampus suffers another dud torpedo.

The Japanese continue to hit our northern airbases.

While we continue to raid the southern ones.

While the Japanese try once more to hit our advancing forces, we lose a plane today, but we manage to keep them away from the boys on the ground.

The daily lists from Sinyang comes in, this time there are many, many pages. Today's Japanese attack was exceptionally brutal, and they seem to have lost over two hundred squads.

A busy day for submarines, and a quiet day on the ground. Although those are some heavy losses at Sinyang. Although the list for today doesn't list that sub as destroyed, but then again, its very hard to confirm semi sinkable ships as sunk.

As requested, here is the complete list of Japanese ships Intelligence believes sunk, rated by points value. I don't think I'll be doing this again any time soon, but as this is the 250th update, I thought that you deserved something special.

That just took as long to stitch together as today's update. Here is the list of top pilots, as also requested. This is just the Aces, as I'm not spending another twenty minutes on this.

It also looks like the Japanese want Nanking back.