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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 251: Operational Report: 14/08/42


Two enemy carriers detected north east of Pearl Harbour! I repeat! North East of fucking pearl Harbour!
This means they are threatening the west coast as well as our major Port. The Copahee has no chance of defeating these two large ships, and quickly comes under attack from their bombers.

Another force its some of the ships I was going to use to launch the Tarawa attack, sending two of them to the bottom.

They return in the afternoon for the rest of these ships.

Our B17's raid Baker island once more.

More raids over Akyab, and we continue to reduce their planes one by one.

then we lose one of our own defending our troops.

We see another carrier, the Zuiho, near our once remaining base in Java.

Well. We may have a problem, two fleet carriers are to the North, and threatening the mainland US. We have also just lost an Escort Carrier.

There is of course only one option for us. The Enterprise, Yorktown, Wasp and the [i]Long Island[/b] are now going north, to try and sink those things. There is little else that can be done, the distance is to large to risk surface ships, and nothing else in the area is going to be moving until they are gone.

Nerves kicking in now.