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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 252: Operational Report: 15/08/42

The Chinese pilots have a good day, bringing down several enemy aircraft over Chungking.

There is a large concentration of enemy planes over Kohima, we only have one plane to try and stop them, and that doesn't stand much chance against those numbers.

We take our daily toll from Akyab, one more plane that will not take to the air again.

The Banshee's fly out from Port Moresby, they find a Japanese transport unloading in Lae.

They have to go back for her in the afternoon though, as she doesn't go down easily.

After a day off, we get back to normal business at Sinyang.

We continue our mission to keep the defences of Hong Kong manageable, as well as preventing the Japanese from building up their forces.

No contact with those carriers yet, and most other fronts are quiet at this time. We do get reports that one of the enemy battleships is still in operation though.

Ah well, we'll just sink her again at some point.