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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 254: Operational Report: 17/08/42

The Sailfish makes an attack on some subhunters off the coast of Japan, and once more our torpedoes cost us a kill.

North of Akyab goes better for us today, as we actually destroy a good number of enemy squads. Its going to take us some time, but we should win here.

We've reduced the Japanese numbers back down to 6,000 in Hong Kong, which is the lowest that we seem to be able to get them with this force.

The Japanese sure don;t want us to keep control of Eniwetok, as they land a third invasion force on the island.

And as before, the boys defending the island are ready and waiting.

Once more, we kill or capture more Japanese soldiers than attacked us, as all the second line troops surrender without a fight.

Jorhat sees many raids today – about four or five of them, with pretty much every type of bomber the Japanese can throw at us.

I do wonder if the P40's have operational orders to only shoot down one enemy plane a day.

The Imperial army has sent its 25th Division up to stop our men advancing, we may beat them back with heavy losses, but this resets the march timer, meaning we now have to advance the 40 miles once more. This is an effective way of buying them some time.

There is another invasion today, as the Japanese forces move round to the other side of New Guinea, this is threatening Port Moresby form the other side.

Well, the other way is working so well for them, isn't it.

I have to wonder what these guys would be doing with a full squadron of Banshees, but I guess that's a dream that I will never realize. Not when the planes are needed anyway.

No sign of the carriers, so this is a better day for us, I hope to god we can find them – but at least the remnants of the 41st Division seem to be safe.
We have a new toy today.

The South Dakota will move down to Fiji to support the assaults there.