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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 255: Operational Report: 18/08/42

NOOOOOOO! That's it, I'm firing the guy who designed these torpedoes, out of a submarine. This has just cost us a golden chance to take out one of the Japanese carriers.

More reports from Anking, and we're grinding them down.

A Coastwatcher in Rabaul reports a carrier in the harbour, just as the invasion force for Buna gets close to its destination.
The Japanese then get their own warning that our carriers are in the area.

Our Martlet's lose contact with the planes their escorting, and make their sweep over Rabaul on their own, trading a plane for a kill.

The Swordfish turn around, not wanting to risk the attack unescorted, but the Alabacores continue on, and are ripped apart by the CAP.

The other raid is on the ships we saw during the night, and the Shirataka comes in for some serious treatment.

Chittagong comes under air attack today, and we lose a plane defending it.

The next wave is met by the 67th squadron, but their performance is not what we have come to expect from them.

The third wave comes in the afternoon, and this time every working plane in the 67th is ready, and we see what we wanted to see. Less the one plane lost.

More Japanese soldiers are thrown on our guns at Eniwetok, you'd think the Japanese would learn that this is not going to work – this is Our island now!

Once more, hundreds of Japanese soldiers are killed in the waters around the island.

The invasion of Buna will be going in tomorrow, and we will still have the carriers in place to cover them.
We continue to hunt for the Japanese carriers, but there is a good chance they have gotten away now, I'll keep the carriers out hunting for as long as they have fuel, but after that, its time to move back to the offensive.

Planning another attack on Eniwetok are we? The soldiers there are going to be waiting.