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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 256: Operational Report: 19/08/42

Another wave of doomed soldiers are put ashore at Eniwetok.

There is no place to hide on this blasted isle, which is looking more and more like the surface of the moon with each passing day.
Soon we are turning our guns on the ships unloading the troops, rather than the pitiful number of troops that are now incoming.

The entire force then re-embarks and leave the island, to the sound of cat calls and jeering from the American soldiers on the island.

We lose another ship to a Japanese sub, this one off Cylon.

At Chittagong, we damage a load of enemy planes, but can't stop the Japanese from destroying one of our bombers on the ground.

Our Buna invasion force arrives, and for the first time in months, the HMS Prince of Wales is back in action!

The huge shells of the battleships hammer the defenders of the port, as our men land ashore in front of them, its a patriotic sight, and one to stir any Commonwealth heart.

We suffer some losses as our men unload, and more to the enemy fire, but this doesn't stop our brave boys, they are ready for action, and have been planning this for over two months. The bombardment continues, and another 200 Japanese soldiers are killed or wounded by the thunderous fire.

Our planes roar overhead, but add nothing more than a morale effect to the battle. This is the full power of the British Empire in one spot, and it is Glorious.

While this is going on, our Banshees, being American, and not wanting to cramp the style of the British forces, opt for taking out a small Japanese ship well to the north, its location given to them by the coast watchers who still resist in the area.

They then return for a transport, not wanting to settle for such a piddly prize.

Another attack at Shaohing is kept back.

Our force advancing on Shanghai takes another base without contest.

Have they withdrawn? Or is this area so poorly defended now I have broken through their front line?

No assault on Buna, which is a shame, but that was a great assault, and after the losses of the last week, it feels dam good.

There are a fair few defenders at Buna, more than the scout planes have been reporting by a factor of four. This could be a bit of a problem, I'm not sure if we're going to able to crack this with the numbers we have here.

Its defiantly hotting up though, and I have learned that I can't trust my spotter planes.