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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 257: Operational Report: 20/08/42

The invasion of Buna continues, we take losses of about 30-50 men a wave as we unload, and its not known if any losses are caused to the Japanese forces.

The Japanese attempt to bombard our men, but their shells miss and land on their own troops.

We lose that base near Horn island, there were no defenders, and this could be a key place to strike at Australia.

We see another raid over Chittangong, and we take down one of the attacking planes.

This is followed by a monster raid, met with over a squadron of Hurricanes. The air is filled with contrails as the two sides duke it out. The Japanese get the drop on the 67th Squadron, and at least two of their planes, piloted by Smith and Bargh, go down.

They both are wounded, but both make it to the ground and are picked up by our forces. The next wave sees Lambert bailing out with wounds.

Somehow, our elite squadron has gone to pieces.

We hear from Sinyang, which has been quiet for a few days.

And at Nanking, the Japanese 116th Division attacks our forces defending the city, we hold them, but we will have to watch this situation.

At Hong Kong, we continue to pound the defenders, while the advancing troops get closer and closer to Canton.

Quite a few plane losses today, but at least the unloading of troops at Buna is going well.

There is an odd report on the Battleship Ise, which we have apparently sunk near Tokyo. I can't remember if she is one we hit a while back or what.

I'm sending more troops to Buna, we only have 5,000 men ashore to the enemies 20,000, so three more regiments and a tank brigade are on their way. The 32nd Infantry Division will follow, as soon as the dock clears enough to load all the troops.

Buna is going to get bloody.