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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 259: Operational Report: 22/08/42

The Tambor loses yet another kill to those blasted torpedoes.

The Imperial Army continues to try to take Nanking, but they don't have the numbers at this time to make any progress against our units.

Another day of air attacks on Chittagong begins, but after the last couple of days, we have little to put into the air against them.

Even when we get the 67th Squadron into the air, they can't stop the masses of enemy planes that are now pounding the port daily.

The raids keep coming, and the damage to the airfield begins to mount.

The Japanese continue their attacks on the unloading ships, concentrating on the battleships – today, they start with a hit on the HMS Ramillies.

The Banshees report a sighting of a Japanese Battleship, the Nagato, near the tip of the peninsula. This could be on its way to raid Port Moresby, or it could be hunting our now safe carriers.

These is the threat that this ship could come north and engage our unloading ships.

Another wave comes in to Buna, this time the CAP drives them away, taking one of their planes down in the process.

This is followed by the Banshees returning to the Nagato, and this time putting a bomb near her front turrets.

An attack on a Japanese submarine is reported to be successful.

This is followed by reports of 10 Japanese ships near French Frigate Shoal, just a few hundred miles to the north of Pearl Harbour.

I'm pulling the planes out of Chittagong, they are getting shot up there, and I don't want to risk losing any more key pilots.

As you can see, we have lost three aces and have five more wounded, this is a rate of attrition we cannot hold.

Those 10 ships at French Frigate Shoal may be the carrier force, moving much further south than I expected, I have ordered the Yorktown and Enterprise to move south at full speed to try and intercept.

And we're still getting more reports of a planned attack on Port Moresby.