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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 261: Operational Report: 24/08/42

More Japanese troops are unloaded at Eniwetock. They are much fewer in numbers, and our guns concentrate on the ships.

We quickly leave one of the ships listing and burning badly.

While on the ground, we don't lose a single man taking out over three thousand Japanese soldiers.

There are going to be some great books written by the men of this island.

The Tambor makes an attack on a destroyer, but has the normal dud torpedoes.

The reason for the attack becomes clear when the sub comes around for another attack, this time targeting the flattop she is hunting.

The torpedo is once more a dud, and another definite hit on a carrier goes without credit.

In the south, we see an attack on our forces in an unnamed area.

The men at Nanking hold out well today, once more the defensiveness of China comes to our aid.

The advance on Shanghai continues. We're now on the outskirts of the city, and it should fall in the next few days.

North of Anking, we drive back the defenders, securing the city. I'm going to follow these forces, as we have other bases nearby, and I don't want them reforming.

Another raid on our unloading ships is dealt with. The last two days has not seen a single plane get within sight of our ships.

3,000 more corpses now line Enitwetok. The island must now resemble hell.

The British carriers have arrived back at Sydney, and they will spend a few days repairing before going back out again – I can't afford to give the Admiralty back the Formidable in ten days, so they can take it off me in Political points.

I'm going to have to assume the Japanese carriers have got away, so the American carriers will return to Pearl Harbour. There they will also repair before escorting the Tarawa attack. The attack itself is receiving two marine and one infantry regiment in reinforcements, as I cannot trust the accuracy of my air intel – which has been missing for the last few days anyway.

Another battleship is on its way to Pearl Harbour, with a single destroyer as an escort.

It seems that the Japanese are planning an attack on Tulagi.