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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 263: Operational Report: 26/08/42

The trout gets a good hit on the prow of a passing cargoship, so our torpedoes apparently work against low value targets.

To the south, the Halibut comes under Depth charge attack, but escapes without to much damage.

This doesn't deter the Captain from having a go at the ship they patrol boat is escorting.

Our task force unloading at Buna gets attacked once more, but once more the planes based out of Port Moresby stop the Japanese from even seeing our ships.

This is why attacking with air support is so important. Once I have Buna I can use it to support attacks towards Rabaul.
For now, I'll settle on chasing the Japanese bombers away.

After yesterdays losses, todays attack at Sinyang is understandably less enthusiastic.

A 17-1 kill ratio is another good day, the Japanese planes of Rabaul continue their futile attacks, and we continue to unload troops and supplies at Buna.

Ship go on the list, ship come off the list. Intelligence continue to sit in bunker drinking, whoreing and making things up.

Dam them.