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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 264: Operational Report: 27/08/42

The Sailfish comes under attack once more near Japan, but is not damaged.

She then slips away and opens up with her deck gun and machine gun on a unescorted freighter.

The Japanese continue to push at Sinyang, but it costs them today. They lose over fifty squads to our one.

The 021 finds and launches an attack on a Japanese submarine. The torpedoes miss, but it would have been a nice kill.

We get a sighting on the Ryujo. I'm still amazed that the men in that small base of Pamekasan have not surrendered or been wiped out, but if it keeps the Japanese using up resources, this is a good thing.

Another raid on Chittagong, our single Hurricane is quickly damaged and has to dive to the deck, but the flack over the city takes care of some of the Japanese planes.

The next wave comes in, trying to disrupt our troops advancing. But the lone Hurricane here is much more successful.

Another strike on Chittagong takes out a couple of our useless British bombers.

Not much to say on this, the 32nd Division is setting off for Buna tomorrow, and that should give us the numbers we need to break the deadlock. I'm amazed that the Japanese are letting me build up my forces like this.

Unless I'm massively overestimating their strength.