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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 265: Operational Report: 28/08/42

Another ship is hit as she shuttles fuel to Sydney.

The I-8 then makes another attack, and a second ship goes to the bottom of the sea.

The Japanese make another attack on our unloading ships, and once more we manage to stop them from making it within attack range of our ships.

The Japanese have a carrier in the region however, and the first wave of troop ships come under attack. The Japanese ignore the escorting ships and go right for the laden freighters.

Luckily for us, the Japanese send their afternoon attack to Lungi. We lose a number of planes on the ground, but I can better replace the planes than I can the troops on those ships.

The Japanese continue their attacks on Sinyang, even though they are losing a large number of troops.

Our own forces take the city of Anyang in the north.

But this is not today's big news. That is one we've been waiting for for a long time.

Shanghai is ours! The Capital of China has been reclaimed! And the newspapers will be singing our praises across the world.
Well, anywhere that is not in Axis territory anyway.

Ah, a 500 point jump in score, that is dam nice. We also took our a number of Japanese ships.

Of course, with this, I also have a choice to make. Those Japanese carriers are now in the open in the Solomon Sea. They will cause some serious damage to our ships, so I'm going to give them a much more tempting target.

The air force can protect the Buna landings, so the warships are now going to make a run for the carriers, hoping to catch them and sink them. They have absolute threat tolerance and full speed orders. But they may not be able to cover the distance before dawn.

This is it, with our forces also a couple of days from Hong Kong, the next few days are going to be key.