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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 266: Operational Report: 29/08/42

The Japanese launch another attack on Eniwetok.

More bodies build up on the artificial reef that we are creating out there. The first wave surrenders to our troops, who must now look like visages of death.
A new sub, the Flying Fish makes an attack on one of the ships damaged by the guns of Eniwetok.

The Japanese carriers have moved south to Lunga, but still launches an attack on our troopships, causing heavy casualties.

Another raid hits our battleships, the Ramillies is hit, but its only a 250lb bomb, and I doubt it will have caused much damage.

The afternoon comes around, and they strike at our troopships once more, but only get a couple more hits, and the number of damaged Japanese planes is rising fast.

Then a second strike hits the Resolution with another 250lb bomb.

The Japanese continue their sustained assault on Sinyang for its fifth day, and are losing a good number of squads a day.

And they attack Nanking with force, and are once more beaten back.

No carriers, but we're now between them an Rabaul, and those 250lb bombs are not going to do much damage to those battleships in ones and twos. If only they would stop sinking our troopships.

The British carriers are repaired and heading north to join the battle, while the American carriers are now undergoing repairs before the Tulagi assault begins.