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by Grey Hunter

Part 267: Operational Report: 30/08/42

I need to rustle up some more DD's to patrol the area around Ceylon. This is getting both annoying and embarrassing.

The I-155 then returns to finish off the Athene

Apparently, the Japanese 25th Division has marched up to stop our advance on Akyab once more. Two things have change this time however. The first is that this “Division” apparently only has 225 troops in it, and the second is that I have several units, including the 23rd Indian Division, set to pursuit mode.

This advance is still on.

We finally get eyes on the Japanese carriers, but for some reason, most likely the lack of ammunition, our forces fail to engage.

Damnation! I wanted those carriers! This seems to scare the hell out of the Japanese, as they then fail to launch any airstrikes on any targets in the region, despite knowing there are several prime targets in the region.

This is the situation at Buna. We get these ineffective bombardment attacks, but our forces are to small for an effective attack – but then again, so are theirs.

Ah well, at least we stopped them from bombing out troop ships for another day. The good new is that the men advancing on Hong Kong are finally there, and are attacking tomorrow.

It does look like the Japanese don't think that their done yet.

Assaults on both Midway and Aukland are planned. If true, then this could be a new wave of Japanese assaults, but a long range targets, meaning more fuel burned – and for targets I can easily take back.