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Part 269: Operational Report: 01/09/42

A Japanese cruiser and its escort comes up on a wounded ship, one of the Buna reinforcement carriers hit by the Japanese carriers.

The bulk of this convoy comes under attack from the Japanese planes out of Rabaul, who so far have managed to get one bomb hit (or near miss, as there was no damage) on a 700 foot long battleship. And have missed everything else.

Today is the same.
We also catch some of these bombers without yesterdays Zero escort, and make them pay.

They do get a lucky hit in in the afternoon however, and we suffer some losses.

But more raids on Buna leave more planes on the ground.

The Japanese once more return to Eniwetok, or the “Island of Death” as their troops are now calling it.

The Japanese try for Nanking once more, and get butchered doing so.

While we push their forces back north on Anking. They have been very stubborn in holding on to that territory, but our numbers finally pay off.

The clean up operations around Hong Kong continue today. Our forces will make better ground now they are well supplied by the cities factories.

September begins, and about thirty ships are taken out for upgrades – the bulk of them in
Sydney and transports and cargo ships. The only ship of note is the North Carolina

There is little much else to talk about in a day of air combat and a few skirmishes on the ground. I'm assuming the Japanese subs near Colombo have run out of torpedoes and have headed home.

That Port Moresby attack will never come, the last we heard there were troops loaded onto ships, now their back to planning. Its the Japanese Sealion.