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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 271: Operational Report: 03/09/42

This is your daily report from Eniwetok, grave of ten thousand Japanese soldiers. Today's shipment has arrived and been put into the pile.

They keep on coming. The Japanese really are singleminded.

The men who do get ashore make an attack. But its pointless, the men on this island are well dug in.

To content our landings in Buna, the Japanese send over their Lillys, which suffer their normal fate.

Raids over Chittagong attack our runway.

Sinyang sees a major push. But once more the Japanese break upon our men, they take heavy losses.

More mopping up around Hong Kong. This is going to be a long job it seems.

A rather dull day, the normal attacks and little else of interest in the air. The Tarawa attack force will be loaded tomorrow, but for today, its just unloading troops into Buna and waiting until we have the numbers to attack.

The 32nd Division are now a few days our and are nearly under the Port Moresby CAP umbrella.