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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 274: Operational Report: 06/09/42

The airfield at Chittagong gets another pounding today. It looks like I'm going to have to withdraw our planes from there, either to the north or to the south.

We lose another B17 over Baker Island. I'll call off the attacks now, that should be enough to prove to the enemy that we're going to keep pounding it, and then that's a wasted squadron.

The men at Pamekasan continue to draw enemy carriers to them, distracting the enemy from making more use of these ships.

The other carrier group bombs our men at Guadalcanal, to little effect.

At Buna, or men make their first attack.

While our losses are higher, we destroy more of their squads. This may be a long battle, but its one we can win.

At Shaohing, we repulse another Japanese attack, draining their manpower just that bit more.

I am now in negative political points! This means that I can say what I want to who I want, as I have nothing left to lose!
And no, you can't have the formidable. She's MINE.

I am trying to send the other ship back though, she just has to make it to Sydney.

At least the Tarawa invasion force in now on its way. Lets hope that this is not a massive mistake.

The Japanese are planning a counter attack on Lunga, part of Guadalcanal, and have a Division of troops on the way. This is more men than we have defending the island, but hopefully they have dug in well for this attack.