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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 275: Operational Report: 07/09/42

The Japanese continue to bomb Chittagong, even sending in some waves at night when our fighters cannot go up to stop them.

They then come again during the morning, between flack and Hurricane, we shoot down another one of them and damage a whole load more.

This leaves the Hurricane low when the next wave comes over, and although he puts up the good fight, the pilot goes down.

I really need to get these guys out of there.

The enemy send their Lilly's in unescorted again, and our massed fighters deal with that problem.

Our Banshee's go out to hunt once more. They meet Zeros, and now we only have one.

The Japanese carrier force launches a very small raid on Buna.

We cut them to shreds, more valuable pilots lost.

We make a deliberate attack at Buna today, and its fairly successful. We may not have destroyed many squads, but we disabled a good number of them.

Another brutal day in the air above Chittagong and Buna. But the rest of the fronts seem quiet for now.

I've abandoned Chittagong for now, the runway is wrecked, and there is no point in having planes there that are doing nothing.