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Part 276: Operational Report: 08/09/42

The Japanese launch a raid on Eniwetok from the air. For once, they actually hit our men, adding some American bodies to the reef.

A raid on Shortlands tells us that the Kaga is out there at Rabaul.

I don't think I'll be sending the British carriers back up there for while. They need to replenish their squadrons.

Today's attack at Buna is brutal, but we are rapidly breaking them.

China has been quiet for the last few days, but we finally get another attack on Sinyang.

I was beginning to think they were getting board with us, and the spark had gone out of the relationship.

Moving our squadrons makes for a quiet day in the air, and now our men have finally reaches Akyab. The enemy push on them to try and force us back, but it comes to no avail.

With 170 vehicles lost, I have to wonder what the hell they were attacking us with.

We managed to get through the entire morning air phase without seeing any combat. Thats how quiet today was.
There is a jump in the number of Japanese ships sunk.

A check of the op reports shows us four ships spread over the whole war so far. Still, its nice to see them.

Now we have men in Akyab, the assault can begin tomorrow, and another bit of the Japanese Empire will be reclaimed.

13 units and no troops? These really are the dregs left.