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Part 278: Operational Report: 10/09/42

The day starts with a raid on Cox's Bazar, out lone Hurricane puts down a Oscar.

He then wisely runs like hell when the next wave comes in.

So, I think its time to move most planes north to Calcutta for a time. I thought concentrating them at Cox's Bazar would help, but they need some time to replace their losses.

The Japanese try and capitalize on our losses yesterday.

Our boys are bloodied, but they are far from beaten.

The Japanese have taken to bombing the poor bastards brave defenders on Eniwetok.

A minor day at Sinyang, days like this will be quickly forgotten in the mire of death and destruction that the city is seeing.

To the south, the Japanese are trying to retake the coast, starting at Tsinkiang.

While there is another attack at Shaohing.

The reduction of Hong Kong continues. I'm hoping for a breakthrough at any point.

Well, at least we held them at Akyab. A quick look at the new enemy estimates is a little different to the pre-attack numbers.

I'll ask again, how can intelligence miss 60,000 people. That's a small city out there.

Tomorrow, the lead elements of our attack on Tarawa arrives.