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Part 279: Operational Report: 11/09/42

One of the Dutch subs is attacked by destroyers, and is quickly hit by a depth charge.

With fires below decks, she is forced to surface, but somehow manages to make her escape!

There are more raids on Cox's Bazar. The enemy are hitting the port hard.


The number of planes that come over are getting larger and larger.

Our carriers arrive at Tarawa, and find the defenders flying massively outdated Claudes. They put three of them down before the rest flee.

They quickly return, leading a few Kate's.

Although the combat report only says 3 Kate's shot down, watching the replay I can say that all five were shot down.

Our own planes make an afternoon attack on the airbase of Tarawa. This attack is far more successful than I could ever have hoped.

There are Betty's there, the only planes I and truly afraid of during this attack, and we've knocked tow of them out on the ground.
By the time the next attack goes in, there is nothing left in the air to oppose them.

The Japanese make another attack on Sinyang, and lose another thousand men in the process.

They mount an attack on Nanking, but its not very vigorous, and easily held back.

The only annoying thing about Hong Kong is I know that all those ex-defenders will have loaded up on supplied before being forced out of the city, which will be slowing our clean up operations somewhat.

I'm impressed with how well the first day of Tarawa has gone. Nineteen planes destroyed on the ground is a dam good start.

We still have some way to go however, but the airfield will be useless after another day of bombing like that. The troops will be about two to three days behind, so there should be little to threaten them from the air.