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Part 280: Operational Report: 12/09/42

Our subs have been fairly quiet the last few weeks, but the Kingfisher makes an attack today.

Although using dud torpedoes. But that's fairly standard. She does have more luck on the second run, this time she gets a live fish into the side of a troopship.

The defenders of Pamekasan send more reports of Japanese carriers.

The planes from our carriers continue to make their strikes on Tarawa, and the outdated Claudes that are based there.

A massed raid from the Enterprise and Yorktown does some real damage to the airbase on Tarawa as well as taking out eight more planes.

The afternoon wave takes out a couple more planes, and further ruins the runway.

The Japanese make another attack on Nanking, which we repulse, of course.

The Hong Kong clean up operation goes well, as we take out a large number of non combat squads.

Another good day of blasting the hell out of Tarawa. Another 16 planes are destroyed by our own pilots.
Beyond that, not much to report on today.