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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 281: Operational Report: 13/09/42

There is another raid on Cox's Bazar today, but our Hurricane's are able to prevent most of the damage these planes could have causes.

We get identification on two Japanese carriers, the Hiyo and the Kaga, as these craft make an attack on Shortlands.

As well as the Ryujo near Pamekasan.

Of course, we continue our softening up attacks by blowing up another load of planes at Tarawa.

Even in dribs and drabs, we're reducing the threat to our incoming fleet.

The Japanese make good ground for once at Sinyang, killing more of our men than they lose, for once.

We continue to hold at Shaohing.

Help is coming for these men, as forces that have advanced out of Shanghai have reached and taken Hangchow.

Another good day for the clean up at Hong Kong. - We're really ripping through the support squads now.

I've also moved men up to support the forces outside Canton, they begin their attacks today, and start to make some ground.

Another good day, China is hotting up again after a few weeks of troop movements.
The Tarawa force is getting closer, and I've not started loading as much of the Luganville force as we can.

This is going to be a big force though, as we've got a whole load of hevey ships to support them.

Enemy attacks on Lunga and Eniwetok are planned, but I'm sure both forces can hold out. Anyway, the Japanese attacking uses up fuel and ships that they cannot spare.