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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 282: Operational Report: 14/09/42

One of our submarines sends a report of a guarded transport to the north of New Britain.

Could this be an invasion force? They are late spotted near Lea, north of Buna, so they may be reinforcing their positions there.

Their carriers continue to pound Lunga, most likely trying to soften it up before their planned invasion.

Just as the Japanese continue to soften up Lunga, we continue to soften up Tarawa.

Those destroyed planes still look fantastic to me.

Our only problem will be exactly how many troops are stationed on the island.

Japanese attacks on Nanking continue to be completely ineffective. Today sees casualties, but no destroyed squads on either side.

At Hong Kong, we continue our mission to whittle down the enemy, as block by block we hunt down the enemy forces hiding in the city.

To the east, we capture the empty city of Chaochow, and will move onto Swatow from here.

Near Canton, some of the men have been holding their positions for at least the last nine months. Today, with their newly arrived comrades from the north, they shatter the Japanese forces and begin their advance into the city.

We're on the road again, advancing down the road again.
The advances in China begin to pick up speed, and we are continuing to hammer Tarawa.

I have massively underestimated how slow these transports are however, and it may still be a couple of days before the troops arrive.