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Part 285: Operational Report: 17/09/42

The bombardment of Tarawa continues, although only 25 enemy casualties are reported today. Meanwhile the men continue to flood ashore.

once again, our carriers are unable to prevent the enemy from hitting our battleships though, these Betty's are deadly.

Although the carrier group that went off to the west a bit does find some enemy ships, and puts a few bombs into them. This is not much of a consolation prize however.

Even when they do return to try and finish off the cargo ship.

The main force from this carrier settles for blowing the hell out of Nauru Island's airfield, which may not even be in use.

The ground forces, now ashore in greater numbers, take equal casualties to their Japanese opponents, but blast their way through the defences.

Another new submarine makes its entrance with a dud torpedo.

The Kaga has defiantly set herself up in Rabaul, making any more seaborne pushes into the area dangerous until we can deal with her.

While the Shoho continues to bombard the poor sods who are still holding out in Pamekasan.

I have to marvel at how lucky these Japanese tankers are.

Another brutal attack on Sinyang is beaten back, and the Japanese take nearly ten times the casualties we do.

Their attack on Nanking is less forceful, but still ineffective.

They seem to be taking offensive to my coastal offensive, and throw away some lives to try and stop me.

To the north of Anking, we rout the Japanese forces, forcing them to retreat further from the city.

The last forces standing between us and Canton are annihilated today, we didn't even have a soldier wounded as the enemy gave up without a fight.

The Japanese finally get around to bombing Cox's Bazar, and manage to do some damage with their large raid.

We still get one of them though. Although their next raid more than makes up for that single lost plane.

Time to concede air superiority to the enemy for a time.

A good day in China, but the hits to those battleships at Tarawa are mounting up.

The plan is to now return them to Pearl Harbor, where they can repair and refit before being rolled out for the next offensive – the cruisers should be enough to protect the infantry.

The majority of the men at Buna are going to re-board their ships and hop up the coast to the next target, then I'll bring them home to resupply before going after New Britain.

The invasion force for Luganville should also be leaving tomorrow, which will make things interesting.