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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 286: Operational Report: 18/09/42

Its very late in the day when the first air raid of note happens. Our planes blast the Japanese on Tarawa once more.

The men on the ground capture the island today. Without their fortifications, the Japanese cannot do anything to stop out overwhelming numbers.

In the empty lands south of Chuhsien, the Japanese assault some of our men, with the normal results.

Their attack on Nanking is as unsuccessful today has it has been in other days.

We have moved troops up to Shaohing, and have begun our own attacks – today we clear the area around the city, ready to make another assault tommorow.

We also take a empty base in the north.

I wanted accurate information on the enemy, so I ordered a bombardment attack at Akyeb – the spotters for the massed barrage have the nice secondary effect of gathering workable intelligence.

That was a better, if quiet day. We now own Tarawa – although there are still many Japanese soldiers hiding out in their bunkers.

Sorry about that, a migraine took me out yesterday - I thought I'd posted but obviously had not. But one again, its still yesterday somewhere in the world.

Ten months of doing this and this is only my second miss.