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Part 287: Operational Report: 19/09/42

For some reason, I was unable to rebase all the planes at Cox's Bazar, and now the Japanese are bombing it again.

Those blasted Betty's are back again, this time the Astoria takes a hit.

But through three other raids like this, the Japanese score only one hit.

The ground battles continue, although the result is no longer in doubt, a few more days should see this clear.

In fact, during the end phase, we get reports that several enemy units have been wiped out by attrition – a fancy way of saying that they are surrendering wholesale.

Time for today's Singyang report.

The Assault at Shohing sends the Japanese forces running, well half of them anyway, the rest are dead or captured by our forces.

Up in the north, we also force another Japanese force to retreat, things are going to well in China, I'm expecting a reversal at any point.

There seems to be only one unit left on Tarawa, once that has been destroyed, I plan to move on to another target, most likely Ocean Island to the west. That is unlikely to be over defended.

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