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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 289: Operational Report: 21/09/42

We arrive at Luganville once more, this time, we've brought a few more friends than last time, and four of those friends are firing 16 inch shells.

The Japanese are ready here though, and are contesting the landings in force, but fail to destroy any units, but disable a huge number of them.

I thought I ordered you not to attack any more?

We get lucky off the shores of Ceylon (no mr spell checker, I don't mean Cylon), but not so lucky at the combined bombardment of Cox's Bazar.

I finally got annoyed with myself for lumping China in with Japan.

So I decided to celebrate the sinking of a Japanese Tanker with the creation of a new sidebar! While I know I can't be 100% sure that this ship has gone down, I doubt a tanker with is fuel cargo burning after taking two torpedo hits has much chance of surviving.

Our subs are having a good day, and we get a hit on a Japanese troop ship.

And those suicide runs by the Lily's continue, and they still are not escorted.

At Tarawa, the Japanese wait until afternoon before attacking our ships, but they seem to concentrate on the one ships designed to deal with them.

The only plane to even make an attack is one of the Lily's, and that has no chance of hitting really.

We take another undefended coastal city in China.

Well, that one was all over the place. But that's what you get when you fight a world war. Pretty much a good day all around, barring the heavy losses at the shores of Luganville. Even those are, from the game's point of view, quickly replaceable.
I'm not sure where our 600 point jump in score has come from, but lets hope it stays around.

Hmm, tanker.

Here are the enemy estimates from Luganville, I think we'll need those back up troops.