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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 290: Operational Report: 22/09/42

The O23 is on fire at the moment.

Well, maybe I should say her targets are on fire, as she torpedoes one and sends us reports of a major Japanese formation moving south of Rabaul.
Again, this is qualified as major for the Japanese.

Keep on coming, unescorted target practice Lilys.

Those plucky British carriers are back in action.

Another ship to our tally, and another to follow I'd say. I'm going to have to be careful though, as there are Japanese carriers in the area.

The Japanese make another failed attack on our cruisers and transports at Tarawa. I do hope they load those troops quickly, so I can get them out of range.

Especially when a hit can cause us some serious damage.

The Japanese continue to try their luck, and our destroyers earn the keep by protecting the loading transports from a marauding submarine.

There is a shift in Japanese tactics, as they go after our Chinese supply line after ignoring it for a month.

Sinyang seems to have settled to a day on-day off pattern.

I suppose it would be hard to get troops to run into a meat grinder every day.

Tomorrow could get interesting, as our carriers are in the same area as the Japanese ones. But that's the only thing I have to mention today. Our forces at Luganville are building up nicely, and I may be able to try an attack in the next few days.