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Part 292: Operational Report: 24/09/42

The day opens with the Japanese sending a fighter sweep over Buna. Out men are good against bombers, but that have had little experience at dog fighting, and take some losses.

The Japanese even escort today's Lily attack – not that it does them much good.

The Kaga is heading back to Rabaul, and is making a raid on Shortlands as she goes.

Japanese raids on our shipping at Tarawa continue today.

I've decided I'm going to run some planes in to help defend the island. I may lose a few ships doing it, but if they get through, this will help when we come back for the rest of these islands. Especially after the Nashville is hit.

The Quincy gets lucky. She is hit by a rare dud Japanese torpedo. This makes two in the last week. Maybe the Japanese are being forced to use our captured torpedoes?

The Manley is not so lucky.

Another day of failed Japanese assaults at Sinyang.

The attack on Canton begins today, and once more, its just a matter of getting through the enemies defenses before securing the city.

It seems that I've been overly pessimistic about the Japanese forces at Luganville.

It seems that this is not going to be the blood bath that we were all expecting. I'll continue with deliberate attacks tomorrow, as this seems to be working.

The men at Tarawa have now loaded up, so that I can get them out of the shooting gallery and on to the next target.

Someone wanted the top Pilots. Wagner has spent to long out of the fray, and is now being loaded onto a ship and sent to Tarawa.

The Japanese are planning to move on Hong Kong are they? bring them on. That is our city.