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War in the Pacific

by Grey Hunter

Part 293: Operational Report: 25/09/42

Just so we don't forget them, here is the daily report from Eniwetock. They continue to bomb the empty airbase.

The Zeros return to Buna, and its the same story as yesterday, 2-1 to them.

As always, we do much better when the Lily's come around.

Planes from the British carriers find and make an attack on a Japanese battleship. But we do no damage and lose no planes.

There is a second day of attacks at Sinyang, breaking their long term plan of a day on followed by a day off.

They cause a good number of casualties, but lose their normal twice ours.

The slow and steady attacks at Luganville continue to work well.

I'm a little confused about the lack of preparation of the defenders – are these fresh troops brought in recently?

A slow day, moving the ships from Tarawa stopped them from being attacked, and when they reach Ocean Island, I'm hoping they are going to be out of range. But I'm not totally confident.